Valentine’s Day 2018



hot beef bouillon and cold jellied consomme crouton

chicken wings and manila clams braised in sherry with leeks, potatoes and piquillo peppers

bruleed carnaroli rice pudding, rum-soaked golden raisins


xoxo xx

stuffed grape leaves with avgolemono

milk-poached cod with fennel, cod roe puree, yellow tomatoes

vanilla panna cotta “melba”with metaxa brandied peaches


x xxoo

spicy boiled artichoke in its broth

beef short ribs in the style of pho, traditional garnishes salad

cold brewed coffee-chocolate mousse

(refrain) OOH, OOH, BABY


marinated fresh cheese on grainy toast, mustard greens salad

boneless stuffed capon in double broth with carrots, leeks, and turnips

toasted almond eclair swans, white chocolate glaze

$76 per person