New Year’s Eve 2016

New Year’s Eve 2016

Caviar sandwich on buttered toast with hard boiled egg and scallion creme fraiche

Braised Clams and Octopus with chili-garlic paste

Roasted Red Snapper with Baby leeks and baby potatoes and extra virgin olive oil

Cold candied blood oranges and Turkish milk pudding
$100 per person


California avocado with hojiblanca olive oil, meyer lemon juice and maldon salt

Grilled gulf of Mexico shrimp with smoked chili butter

Family Meal stewed chicken with toasted rice, meatballs, spinach and crispy skin condiment

Cinnamon-chili-chocolate brownies with sundried California Strawberries
$90 per person


Buffalo milk mozzarella with black olive oil

Whole baked stuffed sweet onion with toasted pine nuts, golden raisins and Aleppo pepper butter

Ribeye steak with black butter and job’s tears cooked in salt water

Mastic Fondant in ice water, with Michigan cherry spoon treats, and pistachio cake
$110 per person