New Year’s Eve 2014

15 Going on 30
Lobster Pan Roast with leeks and roe
Double-Boiler Scrambled Eggs with truffle butter toasts
Liver and Onions–seared foie gras with charred, marinated onions
Blood Orange Sherbert Coupe with pink champagne biscuits
$84 per person
La Quinceanera
Spicy Chicken Broth with creamed hominy, radishes, friend chicken skin condiment
One Roasted, Stuffed, Battered and Fried Poblano Chili Pepper
Grilled Red Snapper with pumpkin seed salsa macha
Bitter Grapefruit Flan
$65 per person
The Freshman 15
Cup of Noodles
Buffalo Fried Chicken livers with blue cheese cubanelle peppers and celery salad
Beer Braise Bratwurst with beer-battered onion rings and a beer back
Toaster Waffles and whippet whipped cream
$60 per person
15th Anniversary Emblems: Crystal, Roses, Rubies
Live Sea Urchin in the shell, mushroom-soy butter toast
Royal Red Shrimp Boil, salsa rossa, pickled calabrian chili butter
Crystal Soup Dumplings in beet borscht broth with beef shortribs
Ruby Port and Raspberry Gelatin Parfait
$90 per person